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Power Backup Solutions

Home UPS Solutions:

Have your key electrical and electronic equipment protected and backed up by reliable UPS protection.

SOHO UPS Solutions:

Small offices also have the ability to protect their sensitive equipment with our entry level products.

SME Business UPS Solutions:

The heart of the economy also needs key protection in order to remain productive and viable.

Total Corporate UPS Solutions:

Power backup solution for any conceivable large corporate UPS requirement. The complete, one-stop UPS solution.

UPS Repairs & Services:

From battery care, on-site evaluations, warranty and services, we are here to completely back you up.

Maintenance & Upgrades:

Service contracts make it the best, low-cost solution for continued smooth operation and peace-of-mind.

Other Solutions

  • Telecommunications solutions & modernization

  • Data Centers

  • Call Centers

  • Security

  • Unified Communication Projects

  • Video Conference Projects

  • Disaster Recovery Projects

  • Network (Wire-line & Wireless) Engineering

  • System Integration and Development

  • Surveillance

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Power backup Solutions (Generators, UPS’s,..)