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Call Centers

Aside from cost saving measures, companies opt for call center outsourcing because it provides higher quality, more professional customer services. As a strategic partner, Competence Call Center offers high quality incoming and outgoing services, written customer communication (letter, fax, email, online chat), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and back office activities for companies who want to concentrate on their area of business and core competencies. At GTT, our core competence is professional customer support via all methods of communication, effective customer care management and continually maintaining and improving quality within our call centers.

Complete or partial outsourcing of call center services to Competence Call Center offers companies maximum flexibility in the area of customer service, increasing both the level and the quality of their customer service provision.

Furthermore, Competence Call Center develops solutions to help provide customer service via “new” communication channels, including live chat and social media and also provides support for social media monitoring and social media responding.

GTT offers service solutions at variable costs according to individual customer segments or themes. E.g. those customers with the highest value added potential in the country where the company is based (onshoring) and customers with lower value added potential in foreign-speaking, neighbouring countries (nearshoring). GTT from Competence Call Center offers you the possibility to put together an efficient customer service package tailored to your company’s individual needs, including personal advisor and professionally trained call center staff.

As an international call center service provider, Competence Call Center provides a consistently high level of quality across national borders.

Our experience indicates that outsourcing is most popular in the following sectors: telecommunication, tourism, energy provision, banking, insurance and financial services, commerce and online services.

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