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About us


Global Telecommunications Technology (GTT) was founded in 1996, to provide a variety of Telecommunications and information technology products, solutions and services to the growing Egyptian and Middle East Markets.

GTT has business partnerships with a variety of Hardware and software firms in the U.S., Europe and other countries.

Through its expertise and partnerships, GTT provides turnkey solutions and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), starting from Project Design and implementation plan to supply and installation of Call Centers, Datacenters, Data/Telephone Networks, Telecom equipment, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, IP PBX’s, Computers, Laptops, scanners, Software and Video conference solutions.

After projects completion, they are secured by service Level agreements (SLA’s) to maintain none stop business productivity.


Our Vision 

To become the leading IT and Cloud solution provider in the region.

From the earliest beginnings, GTT focused on the vision of fostering relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, and employees. We saw, and still do, strength in positive relationships.

Our Mission 

Focus on beneficial alliance and optimum value delivery.

At GTT we want to design, build and deliver integrated IT and Cloud solutions that meet your needs, which is why we have a team of highly trained engineers working on your project.

Why GTT?

New Technologies

The information age and the computer revolution have left many businesses intimidated, not knowing how to use these ever-changing technologies to their advantage. GTT strongly believes that in order to achieve and keep a competitive edge, companies must constantly invest in learning new technologies and in evolving their systems.


GTT's unparalleled emphasis on "Quality People, Quality Products" have made it stand-out in the industry. GTT carefully selects its consultants and technical experts to make sure they have the education, experience, skills, and personality needed for the job. GTT's products, whether hardware, software, or tools, undergo a series of quality assurance testing.

Business Re-Engineering

Companies who were previous leaders in using information technology tools, are sometimes locked into a specific implementation or an old methodology. They soon realize that they must break out of this old implementation loop in order to benefi t from today's technologies. GTT helps companies undergo re-engineering of their information systems and restructuring of their methodologies in a very controlled and phased manner.

Long-term Relationship

GTT believes that its roads to success is parallel to its client's satisfaction and trust. GTT provides a variety of comprehensive maintenance and technology transfer programs. Through these programs, a long-term relationship is created between GTT and its client. GTT provides enhancements to the current system while guaranteeing its evolution towards a better and more comprehensive system. 

The Human Factor

GTT strongly believes that the most valuable resource of any company is the human being. This philosophy applies internally for GTT as well as externally for its clients. Internally, GTT invests in educating its Engineers in order to sharpen and update their skills, and to insure that their personal and professional growth. Externally, GTT provides its client's employees regular briefings and educational programs. 

Technology Partners

GTT is affiliated with several consulting firms in the U.S. and Europe. Through these partnerships, GTT has access to specialized skills of any type, when needed. These partnerships also provide the opportunity for cross training of GTT's consultants in new emerging or leading edge technologies. GTT is also an authorized distributor of a wide range of brand name Telecommunications equipment & computer-related products.