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Cloud Computing

Recent stats show that according to 86% of CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers), their organizations are moving to the cloud. It is expected that this transformation will continue across many more businesses.

GTT helps such businesses either through a new set-up or by transitioning their already existing data centers, to a highly available and secure cloud environment. GTT, through their Data Center, offer rack spaces, either for rent or for sale. There are various options like 3 year lease or tenet based systems that customers can opt for. GTT also supports customer hosted hardware apart from web-services which includes hosting websites, custom apps and emails.

Types of Cloud Solutions

Three types of Cloud Solutions, SaaS (Software as a Aservice) which client shall benefit from the software shared among many types of devices and anywhere, and Platform as a Service to build Operating Systems as cloud and also the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service to support client's infrastructure