About GTT

  • Overview

    Global Telecommunications Technology (GTT) was founded in 1996, to provide a variety of Telecommunications and information technology products, solutions and services to the growing Egyptian and Middle East Markets.

    GTT has business partnerships with a variety of Hardware and software firms in the U.S., Europe and other countries.

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  • Vision
    Our Vision

    To become the leading IT and Cloud solution provider in the region.

    From the earliest beginnings, GTT focused on the vision of fostering relationships with clients, suppliers, partners, and employees. We saw, and still do, strength in positive relationships. We work diligently with clients to designs solutions that meet their individual strategic needs to help them grow and develop for the future. This not only helps our clients but also helps us as we continue to meet our responsibilities to deliver the best new technology.

  • Mission
    Our Mission

    Focus on beneficial alliance and optimum value delivery.

    At GTT we want to design, build and deliver integrated IT and Cloud solutions that meet your needs, which is why we have a team of highly trained engineers working on your project. We are known for our level of quality in design, delivery, implementation, and support for IT and Cloud solutions. We know how to deliver the best model and help businesses make the most of their infrastructure and technology.


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Cloud Computing



Data Security

Unified Communication Projects


Disaster Recovery

System Integration


Power Backup Solutions


  • We are GTT global telecommunications technology company established since 1996,
    Backed by our rich history of successful projects, innovative solutions and Loyal clients,

    We are proud to provide our clients with unique Telecommunications & IT solutions based on our profound studies of their business needs, 

    Alaa Abou El Seoud
    Chairman and Founder
    Chairman's Statement

Why Choosing GTT ?

Reasons to choose GTT as your Technology Provider

A Trusted Name

GTT is predominantly a referral based business. As such we value our relationship with clients as being paramount to the ongoing success of our company

Simplifying IT Solutions

We understand that the IT services sector has not traditionally been known for providing effective communication but for GTT, we understand that our ability to communicate technical ideas in a non-technical manner is imperative for you to get the most from your IT investment

Continiuos Relation

We build the business relations as long-term and continiuos relation, to support our clients in their business life through our variety services and care about them